Oliver Jibrail
Physical Security
Status: Nominated

As the Devonshire Mall Security Manager, I would like to nominate the Devonshire Mall Fire Control Officer; Oliver Jibrail. Oliver has been employed by GARDA WORLD for over a year now; stationed at Devonshire Mall in Windsor, Ontario. Oliver is an extraordinary, well presented and professional Security Officer. While being involved in several extra-curricular security duties throughout the center, such as fire control duties, health and safety and mall tenant inspections, Oliver is capable of maintaining the safety and security of the building.

While on his interior routine patrol of the mall common area, Oliver observed an elderly female who was hunched over and appeared to be in pain near the Cineplex Odeon movie theatre. Oliver immediately tended to the female, asking her is she required any medical assistance. The female stated that she was having lower back pain but denied any type of medical assistance. Oliver was able to gain her compliance, to assist her to her vehicle. He retrieved a wheelchair from the customer service booth and returned to the femaleís location. Oliver assisted the female to carefully sit down in the wheelchair.

Oliver escorted the female by pushing her in the wheelchair to the other side of the mall. He brought the female outside and assisted her to enter the vehicle. Oliver explained to the female, that although she refused medical attention at the moment, not to hesitate if she feels worse or cannot drive any further and to call the 911 emergency line. The female sternly thanked Oliver for his tremendous efforts to ensure that she was safe. Oliver then continued on with his regular patrol duties.

I take pride of my security staff who complete day to day security duties throughout the mall, all while keeping their customer service skills pristine. Iím sure that the female strongly encourages this

Karim Sakaan (GardaWorld)
2013-11-19 10:46:02
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