Kristin Adamski
Physical Security
Status: Nominated

I would like to nominate Kristin Adamski for Garda Ambassador. Kristin has been working at Citi Plaza for over two years, she is reliable, punctual and a pleasure to work with. Kristin can be relied upon to take that extra shifts at a momentís notice.

Kristinís customer service and tenant relations are a great asset to GardaWorld. With guards like Kristin on staff, it will ensure our continual success.

After giving this matter serious consideration, my support for a nominee for Garda Ambassador is Kristin Adamski.

Beyond execution of her daily duties, I have found Kristin to be deserving of this nomination for several reasons. On a daily basis, she demonstrates her excellent customer service skills as the first point of contact for our patrons when they arrive at the security desk needing assistance.

Most recently, Kristin was left in charge while Jeff was away for several days. She proved to be committed, dedicated and fully engaged in every aspect of her role, often going above and beyond her regular required duties.

The level of initiative that Kristin displays is always welcome and was most evident in preparing for yesterdays Remembrance Day announcement. She took it upon herself to ensure that we had the best announcement possible.

Her preparation and delivery resulted in the best possible representation for herself, Garda and Citi Plaza as a whole.

Kristin is an invaluable member of the team at Citi Plaza and in my opinion, well deserving of recognition in your Garda Ambassador program.

Bob Plomin (Operations Supervisor)
Arcturus Reality
2013-11-19 10:42:40
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