Daniel Houghton
Physical Security
Status: Nominated

I would like to nominate Daniel Houghton for an Ambassador Award. He has been working very hard to become the best representative of the company that he can be, and here is a story that illustrates that he is willing to go above and beyond to look out for both GARDA and our Clients well being.

Dan was driving by one of our sites on his way to a check at a different location. He noticed that there were vagrants loitering in the lobby area of the first site. Upon arriving at the check he had been initially heading to, he confirmed that the first site was one that had been added to his run sheet for additional checks for issues related to loitering vagrants. He also noted that the check had been scheduled specifically for 1200, in order to allow the staff in that building to feel safe if they chose to step out for lunch.

Dan called me, and expressed his wish to go in and remove the vagrants for the client, but not wanting to deviate from the specific time that had been requested by them. He asked if I could contact the client and see what their preference was.

I contacted the client, and they were very happy to hear that we were looking out for them. They cannot afford a permanent guard on the site at the time being, but are more than willing to cover the costs of additional visits, if our guard sees vagrants on site and takes the time to remove them, outside of our regular hours.

I feel that this is representative of the kind of thinking Dan has shown in his current position. He is conscientious of both our client’s needs and our goals as a business, and seeks to provide the best customer service he can.

Brent Russell (Mobile Account Manager)
2013-11-15 14:28:59
Guard was being verbally assaulted while on duty by individual. Guard remained professional while asking individual to leave property, individual escalated and became physical with guard. Guard restrained individual until police arrived. Guard chose not to press charges as individual stated that he did not want to go to jail as he had children. Guard felt compassion for individual as he also has children. Guard remained professional throughout incident.

Reanna Brockman (Human Resource Coordinator)
GardaWorld Protective Services
2015-04-14 10:27:40
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