Patrice Watts
Physical Security
Status: Nominated

On Friday February 1, while attending the Year end Meeting/Luncheon at Winners American Drive. During our round table discussion, Patrice Watts’s name came up a few times. Several of the guards commented on the efficiency of Patrice when they request uniform equipment. The client and the other LPs also mentioned that they were impressed with the response time for getting the winter apparel to our guards. In the past, the client or LP would have to get involved to get the proper attire to the guards by sending emails to Marc and I stating that they know several requests have been sent with no response from our office. This has not occurred since Patrice has taken charge of the issuing of uniforms.
As you know, most of the guards that work at Winners are stationed in Gatehouses where they are continuously going in and out to check and seal trailers. Having the proper outer clothing to wear makes the job of these guards much more bearable.
I want to thank Patrice on behalf of the guards, clients and myself. Keep up the good work .

Rick Collins (Scheduler)
2013-10-07 17:22:14
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