Imtiaz Ahmed
Physical Security
Status: Garda Ambassador

Imtiaz Ahmed started with Garda around six years ago. His first site was Investors Group. From his very first shift he has been customer orientated and very well liked by the staff and visitors of Investors Group. Imtiaz started working a couple of over night shifts as well as a few evening shifts. When l was promoted to Site supervisor, Imtiaz became my full time evening guard.

He has always answered the bell when l would call on him for extra shifts, changing shifts, and doing extra duties that l would request of him. Imtiaz has also been my trainer for new guards coming onto the site. I am very fortunate to have him on my team. He always gets excellent reviews from our client, Mr. Marc Fayerman and his assistant Loraine Napora.

The evening shift gets just as much high profile traffic as the day shift and Imtiaz is helpful and respected by our visitors to this facility. He is available to groups of 2 or two hundred as is the case during the Christmas season. He has been very helpful to the staff and guests here at Investors Group, whether it is securing a taxi or delivering a parcel. He makes every attempt to contact people in the facility when he gets trapped in voice mail jail, so that visitors do not have to wait.

I was pleased when he received the kind words from one of our Directors (Judy Morfitt) but not surprised.

This gentleman is a true ambassador and represents Garda very professionally. Garda hit a home run when he was hired.

Doug McNish (Site Supervisor)
2013-04-03 08:44:26
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