Andrew Helmeczy
Physical Security
Status: Nominated

On Monday, February 25th 2013 Andrew was performing his nightly duties as a Field Supervisor.

At approximately 2250 hours Andrew noticed six fire trucks responding to Citi Plaza, a location that Garda provides physical security. Andrew quickly parked his patrol vehicle and entered into the location. Andrew was met by two of our staff members within the facility, followed by the Fire Department. Once briefed, Andrew assisted our guards, client and Fire Department with ensuring the location was promptly and safely evacuated as an actual fire within a tenants space was identified by the Fire Department

Andrew took lead, worked with our guard staff and followed the instructions of the Fire Department.

Andrew remained on site until the Fire Department provided the all clear and continued to assist with resuming the normal operations at Citi Plaza.

An email was received the next morning from not only the site Supervisor, but our client on site for Citi Plaza. Both could not only thank our staff on site for such a quick response, but also Andrew for his reaction, quick response and professionalism under such perceived dangerous circumstances.

Andrew has proven himself to not only be a valued member of the London team, but an asset to Garda as he is the definition of professionalism with the sharpest of image and a willingness to help and do what is best for his peers, clients and Garda

My hat goes off to him.

Wes Squires (Garda)
2013-02-26 16:57:34
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