Arjun ROY
Physical Security
Status: Garda Ambassador

Mr. ROY is a very motivated individual. He takes interest in his job and is more than willing to learn new duties and take on extra duties as delegated. He is very responsible and dedicated to the work he is involved in. He is a highly motivated individual in acquiring new skills and/or techniques, when assisting our clients and the security officers and staff,students and faculty. Mr. ROY always comes to work on time, is very pleasant and works well independently or in a group. He is very perceptive and when in doubt, he asks for clarification and understanding in the task at hand. Mr. ROY is certainly well respected by the people he works with in our environment and is looked upon as an equal and a partner. We are very pleased to have Arjun working at Grant MacEwan. He is a trustworthy, energetic, intelligent, articulate individual who we have become very comfortable with him being posted at GMU. We look forward to having him for many more months, however, he would be an asset to any organization and is certainly an excellent ambassador of the people Garda has at their disposal.

Raymond WILLIAMS (Grant MacEwan University)
Grant MacEwan University
2011-03-23 22:46:26
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