Danny Amaral
Physical Security
Status: Nominated

Site Supervisor Danny Amaral and team member Lovjeet Gill were on patrol when they noticed a vehicle that was parked abnormally in a wheelchair accessible parking space outside of the Mississauga Executive Centre. They approached the vehicle to notice there was an occupant in the front seat of vehicle and the occupant didnít seem to be responsive. Upon opening the door both team members were able to see that the occupant had visible trauma. They checked her pulse and unfortunately the victim did not have one and emergency services were then called.

All site orders, escalation policies to building management and authorities were completed properly.

I then spoke with a member of the Peel regional Police and hey informed me that Danny, Lovejeet and the rest of the MEC team members and Mobile that were called to site did a great job and that things like this never go as smooth as I has so far this afternoon thanks to our team.

The officer insisted they be recognized for the way they handled this incident.

Jeremy Shorts (Operations Manager)
2015-05-04 09:42:14
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