Steven Bauer
Physical Security
Status: Nominated

Excellent coordination on the part of Steve Bauer to aid in the apprehention of fraud suspect. See below report:
On Thursday February 26 2015 at 1220hrs the writer, S/S Steven Bauer, received a call from the tenant True Religion stating that they just had two males in their store make a purchase with a fake debit card.The writer was informed that it was two males, the first male was described as African American, tall and thin, wearing a black bomber jacket with a fur lined hood. The second male was described as shorter then a first male, possibly European decent, wearing a Grey jacket with a fur lined hood and a Gucci hat. After hanging up with True Religion at 1221hrs the writer was contacted by Guest Services Kathy Chivers and informed that two males had attempted to purchase a $1000 gift card twice. The writer began to describe the above two males and they matched the description Kathy had. The pair of males were using a debit card and attempted to make the first purchase, Kathy asked to see identification, when the male could not produce any they left. They returned shortly afterwards and the other male attempted to use the same debit card, as Kathy remembered the last four digits of the card, she again refused them. The writer continued to search the mall for the two males and at 1230hrs the writer noticed them inside the tenant Ben Moss. The writer contacted the store and advised them to double check for identification for the two males. After the store asked for identification during a purchase they left towards Sears and then back tracked and headed towards Hudsonís Bay. The writer followed the two males from a distance and noticed them enter Apple. At 1237hrs the writer approached and informed the manager, Heather, at the front of the store to double check the identification for the described two males. At 1240hrs the writer placed a call to Halton Police and remained outside of the store. While talking to Halton Dispatch the writer was informed by Heather that the two males were in the process of purchasing an I-Pad, the writer asked Heather to slow down the transaction and stall as Halton Police were coming. At 1252hrs Halton Police arrived and the writer met with a uniformed constable and a plain clothes constable, Tyler Freeman badge 9538 and they took over and made an arrest. Occurrence Number: 15-47454. During this time the writer contacted the tenants involved and informed them to start with witness statements and that Halton Police may go by to see them.

David Howarth (Regional Manager-SWO)
2015-03-19 17:56:16
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