Stephen Galbraith
Physical Security
Status: Nominated

A man came in to the Rogers store and was being served but very quickly became irritated, was yelling, and demanded to speak to a “white” supervisor. It was clear this man was suffering some form of mental illness as he was so agitated and began talking to himself and uttering racist comments (10 out of the 11 staff working at the store were not white).

The staff asked Steve to come in, which he did, and he handled the situation so perfectly, he really must be commended. He walked over to the man and very calmly introduced himself and shook hands—I believe this act of kindness helped diffuse the situation as opposed to escalate it. He then asked the man, very calmly, to leave, which upset the man further, but Steve just calmly escorted him out, despite the man yelling profanities in Steve’s face. Steve didn’t flinch, he did not become aggressive, he just stood his ground and it was very clear who was in charge. The scene was over in under two minutes and I believe this is thanks to his professionalism.

Amy Pickard (Account Manager )
2015-01-14 14:35:06
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