Steve Ashton
Physical Security
Status: Nominated

Yesterday around 1515 a bomb threat was received at The London Public Library. A search of the Library was conducted by London Police Services and 2 suspicious packages were located. As a result the commanding officer requested Citi Plaza also be evacuated while the packages were detonated using a bomb disposal robot. Steve Ashton and Dave Mc Farland were on site at the time of the incident. Kristen Adamski was on site as a customer at one of our retailers and jumped in to assist. A little later Wes Squires arrived with a marked Garda vehicle and also provided support.

The incident presented a unique set of challenges for Avison Young staff as well as the security department. The Garda staff mentioned above were instrumental in evacuating the building in a calm and orderly fashion. I can speak from experience that you can rehearse an evacuation/bomb threat in your mind relentlessly but when an actual emergency presents itself logic and composure can be easily diminished and signs of panic and desperation may be displayed by security staff further complicating the situation.

The situation lasted several hours and Steve Ashton, Dave Mc Farland, Kristen Adamski, and Wes Squires displayed nothing less then professionalism, confidence and composure in dealing with irate tenants and customers during this critical incident. I could not have expected how your staff responded and am sincerely thankful to all of them for their professionalism during this emergency situation.

Great Job Garda

Justin Smith
Supervisor of Security and Life Safety

David Howarth (Regional Manager-SWO)
2014-09-24 14:01:11
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