Denis Toshevski
Physical Security
Status: Nominated

Today at approximately 3:30 Rita from security was watching the cameras and noticed a man that fit the description of a man wanted by police for exposing himself to young girls. Both Denis and myself responded to the food court immediately.
We called the police ASAP with his description and location. Once the man noticed Denise and myself he started watching towards Apple store and then left through the Dynamite entrance. He then headed down the sidewalk to Maple Avenue, where he then cut through the Red Townhouses across from Mapleview. Denise and I continued to follow him by foot while still on the phone with police. He then ran across Fairview toward the Longos plaza where an undercover police officer awaited.
He was arrested by police and taken into custody. Denise and I were asked by police to provide statements and email to officer.

Tamara Ormesher
Building Services Technician
Mapleview Shopping Centre
T +1 905 681 2900 x232
M +1 905 630 1053
F +1 905 681 2909

Ivanhoť Cambridge
900 Maple Avenue
Burlington (Ontario) L7S 2J8

David Howarth (Regional Manager-SWO)
2014-09-24 13:55:45
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