Anna Ranger
Physical Security
Status: Nominated

Anna’s level of performance here at Great-West Life Assurance has been consistently very high. She frequently goes out of her way to help clients coming to her desk seeking assistance with an insurance claim or any other questions they may have. If she doesn’t know the answer right away she will do everything necessary to get it. A client sent us the following comment:
“Anna was just tremendous. She really went above and beyond in her duties to help me. I never expected that kind of support from a security officer, and I was truly amazed at how polite, courteous, and helpful she was.” Mr. Holt’s parting words in the conversation with the Account Manager were, “She is a keeper, don’t let that one go”.
A Great-West Life employee recently sent me the following:
“Just wanted to mention how much John and I appreciate the outstanding customer service that Anna consistently provides to our clients on a day to day basis.
This is especially appreciated during a busy RRSP season when extra clients are coming for appointments or dropping off cheques that have a strict deadline for processing.
Anna’s pleasant, professional manner, specific voice mail messages with the time of the cheque drop off and courteous ways go a long way to making our interactions with our clients more effective.
Thanks very much Anna!”
This is just a couple of examples of the comments I have received about Anna. In addition Anna is always well turned out and is very professional in her dealings with clients, staff and her supervisors. Anna is always a good will ambassador for Great-West Life and for Garda. I believe she definitely deserves to be recognized as an “Ambassador”.

Ervin Gerbrandt (Security Manager (Great-West Life))
2014-03-17 15:09:26
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