Olga Yermakova
Physical Security
Status: Nominated

My name is Jeanne Banning, Manger of Security Services at Deer Lodge Centre in Winnipeg MB. I would like to recommend 3 Garda Officers for GARDA Ambassador. The 3 GARDA Security officers who work in the medical Centre befriended a resident approximately 6 month ago, in the attempts to help this resident deal with some emotional issues which causes a significant amount of incidents.
S/O Grant Chymboryk, S/O Olga Yermakova and S/O Dylan Wilson worked really hard with him, always had time for him, talk to him. He became a friend of the Security Department and shared a special bond with us especially your officer Dylan Wilson who would sit at his bedside with him daily when this resident took a turn for the worse of us as well as Olga Yermakova would sit and visit with him.

After our resident passed away, it was heartwarming to see an email from his Unit Nurse Manager about the Security Officers. The unit manager said in the email, “I want to acknowledge the officers in security who have bonded with him and given purpose to his day. Thanks for all your help and daily support to him before he was sick and sitting beside him in his last days. This was touching and our privilege to witness the caring that goes on in this place.”

The unit Manager sent the email to the directors of the Facility and Nursing and one of them really summed it up by saying, “This is a really nice story about how non-clinical people also provide care to patients and residents.”

Our GARDA Security Officers who work here at the health facility really go above the call of duty by taking the time and bonding with our residents. I am very proud of these officers for making a difference in this resident’s life.

Jeanne Banning
Security Manager

Jeanne Banning (Manager of Security Services)
Deer Lodge Centre
2014-03-11 11:00:41
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