Welcome to the Garda Ambassadors website!

This is where Garda employees can nominate co-workers and our clients can nominate those who provide exceptional service and demonstrate the attributes of a Garda Ambassador - Smile, Look Sharp and Have a Positive Attitude. Visitors can view all the nominees for each month and find out who has been selected as an Ambassador.

Clicking on the tabs above will bring you to the Ambassador pages for each of our business units. There you will find the nomination form you can use to nominate co-workers / employees who you think have the attributes of a Garda Ambassador. When nominating, please be specific about the reasons you believe your nominee should be named an Ambassador. If possible, give specific examples of what they have done to deserve the title.

The page also displays the current month's Ambassadors and all employees who were nominated. Click on the photos to read the nominations for that person. Follow the link below the current ambassadors at the bottom of the page to view all previously named Ambassadors and nominees.

Visit the website often to see who has been nominated and who the new Garda Ambassadors are each month.

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